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Welcome to Lincolnshire County Council's online payments service. From here you can order a number of the Council's products and services online.

To see all available products, just use the "Select" button above. You can also filter by product type by using the drop-down list. To search for a product by name e.g. certificate, licence, please use the "Product Search" box above, and use the "Select" button.

You can browse the product catalogue as a guest, but you will be asked to register (once only) if you wish to go ahead and make a purchase. Once you have registered, you can track the progress of your order, and provide feedback to Lincolnshire County Council on the online Service.

If you need any assistance in using the website, or if you have any queries regarding your order, please contact the Customer Service Centre, dependent on the service you have placed your order with, contact the relevant number below:

Tel: Schools Transport 01522 782020 Email: Schools Transport Team
Tel: Blue Badge 01522 782232
Tel: Highways 01522 782070 Email: Highways Team
Tel: Music Services 01522 782232
Tel: Registration and Celebratory Services 01522 782244

Thanks for using Lincolnshire County Council's online payments facility.




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